Karin Roberts

Karin Roberts is a Sunshine Coast based artist, designer, holistic counsellor, and animal lover. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, fiancé, furbaby Gefforery, and nature, She loves exploring all mediums and merging them all together to create her final result. Art Tonic was born about ten years ago as a means of visual therapy!


Drawn to spirit animals, Karin wanted her company name to reflect the unique healing each animal gives us. Karin has explored various art styles, from hand-drawn ornate detailed animals to fun, bold, and charismatic pieces. “Art is my Tonic, I find it so therapeutic”.

Karin has a Bachelor in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from The University of South Australia. A Diploma in Multi-media & Design, and a Diploma in Counselling (ACAP).

Karin has held various successful exhibitions in Adelaide through out her creative career, her style is raw, unique and constantly changing. Life is a continual lesson, and my art reflects where I am at at any given moment.

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Karin Roberts - Art Tonic

All artwork dedicated to my Dad

Rest peacefully beautiful soul, see you in the next dimension xx

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