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Wall Decor

Unique art with a range of styles. Support local independent artist who have a passion for animals, nature and wildlife.

Fabric Design

Get creative with a range of fabrics available in collaboration with Devonstone through

Greeting Cards

Looking for a unique card, head over to and find a range of my cards available for any occasion.

Unique Art

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Independent Artist

Commissions Available

If you are looking for a really really beautiful personalised gift, Pet Portraits are a sentimental and perfect keepsake.

Step 1. Contact Karin to discuss your needs -

Step 2. Send your favourite furbaby pic, and any other special requests, favourite flowers, family members or what you would like included in the portrait.

Step 3. Relax, you have done your bit. Turn around is 7-14 days.


If you are looking to support independent artists, and after a greeting card, head over to and send your loved ones a card all from the comfort of your home. 


If you love sewing, check out your local stockists, or head to 2greenzebras and find my artwork on fabric, I have two collections featuring botanicals and our beautiful wildlife. 

Blue Horizon Prints have a selection of canvases and prints to choose from featuring my artworks. I love that these three companies are on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 

If you are looking from some cool tees, mugs, and stationery head over to red bubble and find my collections under art-tonic.

A couple of years ago Eastgate Publishing in the UK published 8 of my spirit animal greeting cards. These are now stocked all around the world.


I love being an artist, and working in various mediums. Thank you for supporting independent artists like myself.

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Rest peacefully beautiful soul, see you in the next dimension xx

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